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What is placement ?

Placement is very specific ballet training which focuses on the strength and functionality of turnout and overall symmetry while encouraging overall safety. Each student is given tailored corrections for their specific needs.

Why does it make a difference?

Placement training allows the dancer to become stronger and more stable in movement which means better higher quality movements including turns and jumps. Exercises to improve turnout are part of every online class.

What is the difference between a regular ballet class and placement focused ballet class?

With traditional ballet classes students are expected to mimics movements demonstrated by the instructor or assistant. There’s little to no explanation of how the movements are executed within the body. Barre combinations with music are given on day one. There’s a high emphasis on the development of fingers and feet and musicality. Students are discouraged from asking questions. Teachers favor students with natural ability over work ethic. Students will start as early as age 2 and a half.

A placement focused class focuses in great detail on ballet’s fundamentals. It requires a high level of focus. The class structure is narrowed down the main muscles groups that student will need in the center. Students are directed to focus on their daily progress which becomes major progress within a matter of weeks. EVERY STUDENT BEGINS WITH TWO HANDS AT THE BARRE. This is so they can train the proper muscles before going out in the center to dance. Students will only execute movements that they are strong enough to master to prevent injuries. Students start around Age 9+. It’s great for beginners to advanced students.

We use the teachings of Eric Conrad (Ballet Conrad) to help our students become strong and coordinated so they can dance with confidence and freedom. If you’re interested in our online ballet classes please contact us here.


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