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What if you could get instant feedback from an app that tells you exactly why you fell out of a pirouette? Or teachers would know when a student was too fatigued to continue class?

Ballet Conrad has been working diligently on developing the AI technology that will support ballet training and performance in the future. It’s the technology that the ballet industry has been waiting for.

Eric Conrad who created Ballet Conrad has been developing two main algorithms that support his approach to turnout and placement. In his online ballet Institute he meticulously crafts his lessons with his wife, Svetlana and son, Misha as his students. He effortlessly “places” them and begins training their bodies to develop ballet technique. But placement doesn’t come as easily for less experienced teachers especially in a room full of several students with various body types. The user will be able to understand what they need to continue to work in order to increase their abilities.

It is clear that this technology will help more than just a group of aspiring ballet professionals. But more on this in the future.

He’s taught the AI to be his digital ballet twin. The AI

can see bodies just as he does. At this point there are two main algorithms with a third possible to come in the future.

The first algorithm is understanding the human axis. It won’t matter if the dancer is moving or not the AI can see whether they are over there axis which keeps the dance in perfect symmetry which aids in preventing injurie.

The second algorithm sees and detects muscle engagement. It can gauge a students increments rotation (necessary for turnout) for the maximum benefit of training.

Although the app isn’t yet available you can view the demo here:

Demo 1:

Demo 2:


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