Make Every Plie Count

Convenient online classes means that you don't have to interrupt your life to drive and park for ballet.

Studies show that students who take ballet develop mental strength, build confidence and increase focus.

Ballet is a great foundation for all physical activities. Students learn to build strength, balance, flexibility and co-ordination.


Sandy Ginsburg    



Patricia is a beautiful ballet dancer and a very patient, sweet and detailed teacher. She takes time to show students how to do things correctly and she makes it easy for even young dancers to understand. She makes students feel at ease and makes them want to work hard. My daughter is very shy and she took to Patricia immediately as she made her feel confident, happy and comfortable!! Patricia’s technique is flawless and she takes pride in teaching her students. I highly recommend her! She is wonderful!!

Gina Solidarios    



Five stars for Patricia. She is very professional ad my daughter learned a lot in such a short period of time. She has passion in what she is teaching.



Patricia is very great teacher. She is very knowledgeable and patient. She gives lots of praise on things you're doing right. I think she is good at explaining things so that you understand. I was at a beginner level, and I feel like she was very effective at teaching me some of the basics.